What is MageMetro?

It's Magento theme and designed and developed based on Magento platform with Windows 8 Metro UI styles. In fact, it is not only a website but also a web application. For the people who always expect the most amazing effectiveness of a website would imagine it as a great combination of Magento commerce and Windows 8 UI Metro style. It is considered a perfect marriage between a powerful commerce opensource and a state-of-the-art style exploiting HMTL5/CSS3 and Ajax loading script. Discover the new way and new vision at MageMetro and you soon will recognize it the best solution to your commerce system.

Top reasons to buy

MageMetro is created on a smooth combination of Magento and Windows 8 UI Metro style, therefore, it inherits all the best features of these two platforms to render in one product. Whilst MageMetro obtains the precision and convenience of a Magento webshop, it also includes the proven graceful interface and brandnew experience of the latest Windows 8 UI theme.


  • Parallax scroll on PC - The parallax scroll effect means displaying multiple background layers that can be scrolled independently in horizontal and vertical directions.This amazing effect was approached in the beginning of 2011
  • Touch interaction design - MageMetro provides a concise set of touch interactions used consistently throughout the system. Applying this language consistently makes your app feel familiar to what users already know. This increases user confidence by making your app easier to learn and use
  • Navigation design for Windows Store apps - Learn how to organize the content in your Windows Store app so your users can navigate easily and intuitively. Using the right navigation patterns helps you limit the controls that are persistently on screen, such as tabs. This lets people focus on the current content
  • Horizontal layout optimized to save space - This layout brings about a brandnew look compared to a normally vertical laid-out website. All key elements of the website are displayed while the side-pane containing the navigation is hooked to the right hand side

Fastest Loading

  • Html5/CSS3 and Ajax loading technology - This language is growing and will only result in more, new, better and faster features that will leave old websites looking outdated
  • Drag and drop with one click or touch - It's easy for visitors or users to explore, browse website. it's also eye-friendly and more visually
  • Flexible adaption to various screen sizes - MageMetro is designed flexibly to meet any screen sizes on PCs, its fluid design can be viewed perfectly on any Ipad or tablet devices
  • Smooth lightbox and toggle - Lightbox effect is fullly taken advantage of in order to execute any requests which result in graceful-looking appearance

Easy & Quick Installation

The user manual and installation instruction are all documented in details so that every user can understand and follow its steps precisely; particularly we also created video instruction for installation step by step for visual proficiency. The installation and configuration of MageMetro template will be a lot easier with the help of user manual documents. Moreover, you can grasp some more valuable information of MageMetro and Magento software.

MageMetro Panel

We design MageMetro Panel in back end which allows Admin to easily manage elements on Hompage, such as featured products, featured categories, static block (advertisment banners),... Admin only needs to click on item and select which item should be added to homepage. MageMetro is shaped to allow unlimited number of featured products, featured categories whatever you like to display

Ability to integrate with magento existing site and extensions support

With MageMetro, You can use it for your new magento site from begin or you can use MageMetro theme package to integrate with your existing magento site. So, you will have more options for your site to show on PCs, mobiles and tablets.... Furthermore, We also integrated some great extensions from www.Mage-shop.com into MageMetro to form a great ecommerce software

  • Magento slideshow homepage extension - A Magento Slideshow displayed on homepage is usually paid highest attention by the shop owner when starting an online business
  • Magento Onestepcheckout extension - This helps minimize the checkout steps of a default Magento checkout page offering a more comfortable process for your customers
  • Magento Facebook login extension - When on MageMetro, users are able to login via their facebook account without any difficulties
  • Magento product image zoom extension - Your product images are enlarged at a click for a better view. Why still stick with ordinary small images and simple popup?

All-in-one Webapp

  • Only one theme and same styles for both PCs and tablets - MageMetro is designed & developed based on Windows 8 UI style with only one theme and the same styles on PCs and tablets, Ipad...
  • Purposeful content hierarchy - MageMetro uses hierarchical system of navigation - a pattern which is common and is getting familiar to people, but it is made even better by the Hub navigation pattern to the right hand side. This pattern makes MageMetro load fast and fluid and easy to use.
  • Additional value to normal Magento store - Built with available features of Magento software and new features designed and developed, it makes MageMetro become a special and powerful ecommerce sofware
  • Richer experience browsing functionalities - That's right!! If you explore MageMetro, you will have a lot of surprises. Because It's not only a normal website, but it is also a web application with Windows 8 UI Style included

SEO optimization with Ajax loading

With all normal website, when you are being in this web page and go to other web page, you will see white screen while new page is waiting for loading. White screen times depend on speed loading of new page. With MageMetro, it's designed differently based on Ajax Loading, when you are on one page and go to other page, there is no white screen waiting for you, it works as a web application, but not a normal website. Moreover, MageMetro can change current URL link to a new link and keep URL friendly when it uses Ajax Loading. So, MageMetro still ensure your SEO optimization and  rank in all search engines

Social Media Integration

At MageMetro, all available and friendly Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Rss... are integrated. Thanks to these, you will find it easy to set up your site's connection with any Social Networking sites and get your customers to know about and join your social networking accounts.

Professional Support

At AHT Tech Jsc,. with more than 6-year experience in developing web and web based-services, we are proud ourselves of providing our customers and partners with professional services. It is a challenge, yet our top priority to meet our customers' demand satisfactorily and heartily. Presently, we have just released MageMetro and it's becoming one of our KEY products, so we always affirm our concentration on this product and customers. We assure the best services and support for all our customers to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks for trusting and using our services and our products

Client Testimonials

  • Kim Geffin MANAGER
    Dung and his team are very hard working, accommodating and efficient. I hired him because his work stood out from the crowd. If you want a quality result, then hire him.
  • Matt Mladenka MANAGER
    Great group to work with. Daily communications and quick to resolve any outstanding issues. Have used twice and will use again.
  • Great job on my wordpress site. Will definitely be using again. Felt like a team based approach to solving things rather than just an individual which was a nice feeling. Thanks for the hard work.
  • Gemma Dunbar MANAGER
    Excellent people to work with, very understanding and fast at updates & replying will defo hire again for any work needed, excellent magento custom skills A*****
  • Oscar Sototr MANAGER
    ArrowHiTech has always impressed me! They are professionals and are quick to response to my needs. I have used
    them in the past and will continue to use them in the future. Thanks Martin and all the Staff at ArrowHiTech!!!