MageMetro takes pride in obtaining professional features

Having been designed to operate on both the most innovative mobile devices and any laptops and computers, the integration of Windows 8 UI theme with Magento in one MageMetro app can surprise your customers with all of its prominent features and make them just forget which devices they are browsing the shop because the difference between using a mouse or keyboard to click and drag/ drop products and using finger touch or pen to tap is so minimum using finger touch or pen to tap is so minimum

Feature #1: MageMetro version 1.2 released with 2 themes options for you to select one in admin back end

New theme is called Metro Ocean theme, it's professional themeThe Metro Ocean theme not only keeps all features of the current theme but also be upgraded with a lot of advance features such as: Ultimate MegaMenu, Ms sldieshow 2.0, Ocean Metro styles for mobile version, etc... You can check it detail at:
With Metro Solar theme, it's still keep all existing features and upgraded in version 1.1Metro Solar theme, you can select it if it is good for your website purpose. You can check it detail at:

Feature #2: Full magemetro package and sample data for your new magento site or Magemetro theme package for your existing magento site

Full magemetro package and sample data for your new magento siteYou are going to having a website based on Magento platform or you are designing & developing a magento website, then you see MageMetro and want to have it for your site. It will provide a full source code & sample data for you to have a full website.
Magemetro theme package for your existing magento siteIf you are having a magento website, but you want to have MageMetro theme for your site. It will also provide a theme package for you to integrate to your existing magento site. So, you will have more options for your site to view in PCs, mobile and tablets....

Feature #3: Easy management with MageMetro Panel in back-end

Manage slideshow on homepageIt's easy for you to manage slideshow items on homepage in MageMetro's backend panel
Manage static block (banner ads) on homepage You can easily add/edit/delete static block to advertisement banners on homepage in MageMetro's panel
Easy to configure Featured products on homepage A ordinary ecommerce site often presennts featured products, or sale-off products.... on homepage. With MageMetro, admin can easily assign products to featured products section on homepage. When in MageMetro's panel, you  will only need to click and select products for featured products section on homepage
Easy to configure Featured categories on homepage It's managed similarly to featured products settings, you can add/edit/delete featured category items for featured categories on homepage with a peace of mind in MageMetro's panel

Feature #4: Windows 8 Metro UI styles for Magento commerce

Attractive landscape view & Touch interaction We use horizontal panning for horizontal layout. When viewed  on PCs, MageMetro is designed primarily for mouse interaction, so content on every page is laid out horizontally and users can use their mouse to quickly and easily scroll to the content they want. On Ipad, Tablet, it's designed to be touch-first and uses landscape orientation. It's also more comfortable and natural for users to pan horizontally with touch on a landscape device than it is to scroll vertically
Scalable orientation and resolution on different screen sizes It's designed to display properly on any resolutions and different screen sizes. Having been developed to be a responsive them, it is expected to apapt to any screen sizes whether it is viewed on PCs or Phablets, Tablets and Ipads...
Commanding & Actions design Keep app commands and actions in the app bar which is revealed at a swipe. It uses ad-hoc commands that appear as user actions in line with content
Navigation design for Windows Store apps We used Hierarchical system, Navigation anatomy, Navigating with filters, pivots, sorts, and views at category pages and Flat system

Feature #5: Our Mageshop extensions support

Magento homepage slideshow extension A Magento Slideshow displayed on homepage is usually paid highest attention by the shop owner when starting an online business. We integrate our own Mageshop slideshow with MageMetro Package.
Magento Facebook login extension Visitors want to save time for account registration and they want to use their Facebook account to login. It's now even more convenient with our Mageshop Facebook login extension's integration into MageMetro. So at MageMetro, visitors have available option to to login via their Facebook account.
Magento Onestepcheckout extension The checkout process will never be any difficult with our installation of Mageshop OneStepCheckout extension into the MageMetro Package. 
Magento product image zoom extension Your product images are taken at highest quality and you are proud of sharing them. Not least to say product images play an important role in attracting your customers to the shop. Therefore, do not dim your products with small and low resolution images. We have Mageshop Product image Zoom extennsion add-on compatibly installed in MageMetro package which faciliates your business.

Feature #6: Magento site’s loading time acceleration

Standard HTML5/CSS3 This language is growing and will only result in more, new, better and faster features that will leave old websites looking outdated
Ajax loading support Your website will load faster if it doesn't load all products, categories... at the same time. MageMetro is designed and used Ajax Loading script to load products, categories... limited, only when you want to view more products, categories then it will continue loading more products, categories

Feature #7: Cross- browsers compatibility

Flexible layout on different devices MageMetro is designed with a flexible layout to meet any browsers on different devices such us PC, Ipad, Tablet, mobile...
All browsers are fully supported MageMetro displays correctly on all web browsers, it's also is designed with W3C standards

Feature #8: Additional value

Safe and timely upgrade MageMetro is developed with 100% open source, so it is convenient for customization with good documentation. It's also easy to request us for upgrade, customization at your needs....
Easy installation & Customization Attached with careful and detailed documentation and video instructions, it will help you to manage installing and customizing on your own
Social media integration Yeah, MageMetro is designed to interactive with Facebook, Twitter, Google plus+, Linkedin... whatever promotes your business

Feature #9: Outstanding design customization

Smooth lightbox and toggle MageMetro performs a lot of lightbox and toggle effects which are all smooth and eye-friendly looking
Flyout dropdown menu MageMetro focuses on content appearannce, but you can reveal the dropdown menu and right navigation at a hit
Amazing filter on category pagesMageMetro's navigation is designed with filters, pivots, sorts, and views based on Windows 8 UI style
Easy to update items on shopping cart page You can update the Shopping cart when you are strolling the shop, and MageMetro even makes you totally relax with its new styles of Windows 8 UI Style

Client Testimonials

  • Kim Geffin MANAGER
    Dung and his team are very hard working, accommodating and efficient. I hired him because his work stood out from the crowd. If you want a quality result, then hire him.
  • Matt Mladenka MANAGER
    Great group to work with. Daily communications and quick to resolve any outstanding issues. Have used twice and will use again.
  • Great job on my wordpress site. Will definitely be using again. Felt like a team based approach to solving things rather than just an individual which was a nice feeling. Thanks for the hard work.
  • Gemma Dunbar MANAGER
    Excellent people to work with, very understanding and fast at updates & replying will defo hire again for any work needed, excellent magento custom skills A*****
  • Oscar Sototr MANAGER
    ArrowHiTech has always impressed me! They are professionals and are quick to response to my needs. I have used
    them in the past and will continue to use them in the future. Thanks Martin and all the Staff at ArrowHiTech!!!