By purchasing and exploiting the Work at, you agree to follow and be bound by the following terms of licence:


The singular licence hereby means the User is able to apply the Work on a single domain.

The user must not copy or redistribute, license or sub-license, sell or re-sell the Work in any manners.

The user can incorporate the Work or components of the Work with other products that the User is creating for his/her own purpose or for his/her customers' request and can produce as many copies of the products as the User want providing that the final products are not for re-selling. In this case, the Work reserves its single domain application.


The Extended Licence provides the User with a broader list of options and possibilities which can be exploited and streamline your business.

The User can modify, distribute, license or sub-license, sell or re-sell the Work if it is integrated with a larger work that the User develops or creates for his/her clients. For example, the User may install the Work on his website/ software and customize/ convert it for his own purpose, but the User is unauthorized to distribute the original code of the Work and its component on a stand-alone basis without MageMetro's prior written consent.

The User can reproduce the Work in a printing format, in a video production, in an electronic document and make unlimited copies of those formats if the whole, or part of the Work is incorporated into your larger work which helps to promote your end work.


Whether the User registers for a Single domain licence or Extended licence, the User is authorized to modify/ customize/ convert the original source code of the Work purchased on the Site to fit his/ her own purposes, however, the User is not allowed to re-sell or re-distribute the Work and its components (if contained) as a stand-alone product without MageMetro's written permission. Any breach of these above terms is considered violation of the Licence copyright policy which is protected by Vietnam Law.

If you need any more information or clarification, do not hesitate to send us an enquiry to

Client Testimonials

  • Kim Geffin MANAGER
    Dung and his team are very hard working, accommodating and efficient. I hired him because his work stood out from the crowd. If you want a quality result, then hire him.
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    Great group to work with. Daily communications and quick to resolve any outstanding issues. Have used twice and will use again.
  • Great job on my wordpress site. Will definitely be using again. Felt like a team based approach to solving things rather than just an individual which was a nice feeling. Thanks for the hard work.
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    Excellent people to work with, very understanding and fast at updates & replying will defo hire again for any work needed, excellent magento custom skills A*****
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    ArrowHiTech has always impressed me! They are professionals and are quick to response to my needs. I have used
    them in the past and will continue to use them in the future. Thanks Martin and all the Staff at ArrowHiTech!!!